breastfeeding tips for new moms

It is a scary world out there for a mother. For all that they have to do and know beforehand is overwhelming. You can’t expect to be the perfect mother, yet you don’t have any choice but to somehow be just that. Because it’s your child. No one needs to be reassured how much a mother is challenging herself on a daily basis to become the perfect parent. And amongst all the list of problems with loneliness and pain, knowing everything is necessary. Because if she doesn’t know what’s best for the child, she won’t be a good mother. And no mother can have that. People are always trying to search for the best new ways to take care of a child. Some of these searches have been for best tips for breastfeeding for new moms. At the end, when the woman faces these challenges, she’s bound to feel alone. But don’t worry, we have you covered.

Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

The first thing you should know when you land into motherhood is that the real deal has just begun. So prepare yourself for the long hours, the lack of time, the cascading situations that can be frustrating, if not overwhelming. You can be sure that you might not be able to do everything right so don’t worry. It takes time. Breathe. Starting with the little things that come first is the right way to deal with the situation.

Wait for Your Milk:

A lot of mothers get frustrated over the fact that maybe their breasts aren’t pumping milk and something might be wrong there. You can be certain that there’s not. When you’re pregnant, your body starts to make Colostrum. It’s the very pure and healthy milk that a newborn baby needs in order to have a healthy diet. Most mothers don’t know this but sometimes you don’t always start pumping colostrum in the starting days. Sometimes it can take up to 5-6 days if not the normal 3-4 day time for the body to completely go through the milking process. So, ease up and consult a doctor without a worry in your mind.

Don’t listen to all the traditional advice:

A lot of rumors can come into play when a mother figures out she is going to be a parent. A lot of people can share their experience and since they didn’t know any better, they don’t always have the perfect thing to say. A rumor that is famous about breastfeeding is harmful to your body. Like doing something to your nipples to make them harder and getting used to the pain of having your nipples sucked raw. Sure, the pain can be a little too much sometimes but it’s not something unnatural. You can’t listen to these rumors and start scrubbing your nipples or making them harder.

Not Knowing How Much:

Another thing that new mothers have trouble with is not knowing exactly how much they are pumping and how much is needed. It’s obvious, the baby is feeding on your breasts and you have absolutely no idea how much the newborn is drinking. Nor do you know if you’re pumping enough milk for his/her appetite. Don’t worry. You can always be sure of how your child is doing by relying on the diapers. They can let you know if the baby is having a good diet.

Dealing with the Pain:

You have been warned about the pain. You can expect to find yourself dealing with the excruciating pain that can come with the prospect of breastfeeding. It’s closely associated with the way the child behaves around the breasts. The feeling of having them being sucked on raw for a long time can take its toll on them. Taking care of the nipples and breasts can be important. Don’t be afraid to apply some moisturizers and purified lanolin on your breasts to help deal with the pain because it can sometimes get too much to endure.

Taking Care of Yourself:

You can be sure that if you’re not going to take care of yourself, you are not going to be able to take care of the baby. If you’re pumping this much milk all the time, you must be having a source that can deal with such demands. You need to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water all the time.


Having a baby can be a really stressful situation. The oblivion of not knowing what’s best can take its toll and not being able to figure out the best way can be frustrating. But if you keep listening to your logical senses and consulting a specialist, you will do just fine.

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