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Laser hair removal has been popular for almost three decades, but why? The answers lie in the convenience of the process, as well as the long-lasting results. Shaving unwanted body hair works, but only for so long. The hair quickly grows back. Laser hair removal offers better results, but before you schedule your first laser appointment you should know why that is the case.

How the Hairs on Your Body Grow

The hairs on your body grow at different rates depending on where they are located. For example, hairs on your legs do not grow at nearly the same rate of speed or max out at nearly the same length as the hairs on the top of your head. However, all hairs on your body grow in a similar manner, which is that they push their way up from roots called follicles through each successive layer of skin. Then they continue growing above the top layer where they become an unsightly annoyance if they are located in unacceptable areas.

removing unwanted hair by shavingHow Hairs Are Typically Removed from the Body

You are probably used to removing unwanted hair by shaving or waxing. Waxing can pull some hairs out by the roots, but it is not the most consistent, accurate, or comfortable process. Shaving, meanwhile, is even less accurate because it cannot even reach the roots of the hairs. In fact, it leaves most of each hair behind to grow through the surface again quickly, which is why shaving often has to be repeated every few days.

removing unwanted hair by waxingHow Lasers Are Different from Traditional Hair Removal Methods

Laser Hair RemovalLasers are different from other hair removal methods because they aren’t restricted by the skin. They can penetrate straight down each hair shaft. Also, one of the reasons there have been so many laser-machines for sale in the skincare industry over the years is that lasers are extremely accurate. If you go in for a laser treatment you can be confident that no hairs in the treatment area will be missed.

Lasers also offer degrees of versatility based on the type of laser you choose. Although each laser works on the same principle of photothermalysis, which is using light and heat, there are variations in the machines which make some better than others for treating certain types of skin. For example, you can choose from YAG, Diode, Alexandrite, and other laser types based on your skincare clinician’s recommendation.

How Soon You Can Expect Hairs to be Removed

Although you might expect lasers to zap hairs away, they do not work in that manner. Instead, they cause internal weakness in the hair follicles and shafts. The weakened hairs eventually fall out, but that will occur after your laser appointment is over. In fact, it can take a couple weeks for the process to fully work.

How Soon You Can Expect Hairs to Grow Back

How soon hairs will grow back after laser hair removal will depend on how many treatments you have performed because the follicles will become weaker over time. However, hair removal treatments are usually done in groups of several treatments. After you finish an entire round of treatment the hair may take several weeks to grow back. There may be some individual hairs which never return at all, and others may return finer and softer than they were before. But total obliteration of all the hairs for good is impossible. You will need additional treatments down the line or you will need to perform occasional hair removal maintenance at home. The big advantage is simply the length of time between removal and regrowth.

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