Oil Paint Pigments

The De Mario Lapis Lazuli Ultramarine Pigment is an oil paint, extracted from the Lapis stone. Lapis, or Lapis Lazuli, is a deep blue, semi precious stone that is found in the hills of central Asia. The rock’s primary mineral component is lazurite, and most Lapis Lazuli also contains Calcite, Pyrite, and Sodalite.

Lapis Lazuli is ground and processed to make the pigment ultramarine, which is seen widely used in oil paintings from the Renaissance era. While synthetic ultramarine became available sometime in the late 19th century through the Gilson process, the real thing is still in high demand by those who prefer to work with deeper colors that stand the test of time.

Ultramarine is the finest (and most expensive) of all blue pigments, and can be seen used extensively in the works of great artists, like Masaccio, Pietro Perugino, Titian, and Johannes Vermeer. The pigment itself takes on an excellent polish and mixes equally well with oil, water, and egg tempera, making it ideal for use in jewelery and mosaics.

Should you find yourself painting with oils in the future, pick up your own box of De Mairo Lapis Lazuli Ultramarine Pigment, and watch as your paintings come to life with every stroke.

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