probiotics 40 billion cfu

Probiotics 40 Billion CFU is actually live bacteria beneficial for our digestive system. These bacteria are naturally found in the digestive tract to ensure a better digestive health and, consequently, a happy life. Sometimes, these desirable bacteria are destroyed by some strong antibiotics taken against some sheer infection. We have to restore them on urgent grounds because their deficiency may cause severe complications to our overall metabolism. A lot of natural foods contain them as well as their synthetic supplies are also available on the market. Based on their much demand, a number of companies are manufacturing them under various names. Among these, BioSchwartz Advance Strength Probiotics 40 Billion CFU is the best.

What is a Probiotics 40 Billion CFU?

This is a leading probiotic supplement formulated with the perfect combination of the strains and 40 billion CFU’s in the form of capsules. Manufactured in the USA in a FDA and GMP state-of-the-art facility, BioSchwartz advanced strength probiotics 40 billion CFU reach the small and the large intestine alive, and is 20 times more effective than the other pills. Containing lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium lactis, these capsules are gluten free, shelf stable and potent till the date of expiry. Probiotics 40 billion CFU survives stomach acid and bile fluids, empowering you to enhance your quality of life through better digestive health. BioShwartz believe a healthy gut is a happy gut.

How does Probiotics 40 Billion CFU Work?

Comprising of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Paracasei and Bifidobacterium Lactis, this superior probiotics supplement replenishes beneficial bacteria for optimal digestive and immune health. With the presence of the four most researched beneficial strains, Probiotics 40 Billion CFU works through supporting more vitamin production and promoting daily relief from allergies, gas, bloating and constipation. It also works through helping you lose your weight by enhancing the rate of your metabolism and accelerating fats loss.

What to Take Probiotics 40 billion CFU for?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should take probiotics 40 billion CFU. This high-potency probiotic supplement possesses the following traits.

1. Purely natural with Non-GMO ingredients

This superior probiotic formula is 100% pure and natural with Non-GMO ingredients. This has become possible just because of the use of the latest technologies.

2. Allergen and gluten free

On top of many other plus points, this best probiotics supplement is also free of most of the common allergens such as soy, egg, shellfish, corn, wheat, peanuts and sugar. Besides, it is also gluten free and most suitable both for men and women.

3. Survivor to the stomach acids and bile fluids

Probiotics 40 billion CFU survives the stomach acid and the bile fluids and reaches your small and large intestines and helps them perform their normal functions up to the mark.

4. Twenty times more effective and potent till expiration

Owing to its survivability to stomach acids and bile fluids, this best probiotics supplement proves 20 times more effective and remains potent till its expiry time. This is not the case with many of the other top probiotics on the market.

5. Shelf stable— no need for refrigeration

If you live in a dry, cool place or keep your home at low temperature, you never need a refrigerator to store or place probiotics 40 billion CFU. It will remain absolutely intact even at the shelf. But, if there is hot and humid around, you should store your probiotics bottle in a fridge.

6. Formulated by professionals

A team of highly experienced professionals create each and every specimen of probiotics 40 billion CFU to ensure the greatest benefits are achieved. BioShwartz never compromises on the strict quality control standards and, hence, always stands apart from the competition.

7. Third party tested

Independent labs to test the purity and potency of a specimen are called the 3rd party. Probiotics 40 billion CFU is duly tested by a competent third party on the regular basis. These labs ensure and verify the purity, safety and proportionality of our ingredients as per listed on the labels.

8. Exceptional in quality

Having been analyzed and inspected every 15 minutes during the manufacturing process, each bottle of probiotics 40 billion CFU becomes absolutely exceptional in quality. The perfect balance of the latest technologies converts the purest natural ingredients into the high-quality nutritional supplement.

9. Quite safe and sound

Overall three seals for protection make this high quality product preferable to many others on the market. An integrity and tamper proof seal closes the box whereas a pre-perforated neck-band and an inner seal make the packing safe and sound.

10. A U.S.A. product

Manufactured under the stringent quality control standards, probiotics 40 billion CFU is proud to be an American product. BioSchwartz always follows strict manufacturing process and uses only natural and high grade raw ingredients. All the nutritional supplements are carefully prepared to meet the expectations associated with GMP.

Health benefits of probiotics 40 CFU

Following are the chief health benefits associated with this miraculous probiotic supplement. It is wonderful in:

  • Supporting digestive health by replenishing beneficial bacteria in the colon. These enhance the functions of intestines and other digestive organs and the whole digestive tract gets converted into a healthy gut.
  • Being a survivor of stomach acid and bile fluids, they reach deep into your small and large intestines alive and retain their potency until their expiration.
  • Restoring natural balance of the body or homeostasis.
  • Boosting the immune system thus making the body resistant to a number of diseases.
  • In promoting regularity in various metabolic activities of the body.
  • Boosting nutrient absorption by enhancing the function of small intestine.
  • In reducing bloating, thus relieving the body a lot.
  • Helping the weight loss by increasing the rate of metabolism and the burning of extra fats.
  • Promoting healthy cholesterol by reducing weight and releasing the extra pressure on the heart of pumping the blood.
  • Improving mood and reducing fatigue.

Side effects of probiotics 40 billion CFU

Usually probiotics 40 billion CFU goes very well with majority of the population and imparts various health benefits. But sometimes, it may cause the following minor and unlikely side effects to a small percentage of population.

1. Unpleasant digestive symptoms

Bacteria-based probiotics may cause temporary gas and bloating while yeast-based probiotics may cause constipation and increased thirst. These temporary side effects may not occur if you start with a low dose and slowly increase it to the full dosage over a few weeks.

2. Headache due to certain amines

Histamine, tyramine, tryptamine and phenylethylamine are the common amines are naturally found in fermented foods probiotics 40 billion CFU. These may trigger headache in people sensitive to the substance.

3. Increased risk of infection

Bacteria-based probiotics may increase the infection risk in people with suppressed immune systems, prolonged hospitalization, venous catheters or those who have undergone surgeries.

4. Increased histamine levels

Probiotics containing histamine-producing strains may increase the levels of histamine in the blood of histamine intolerant people. This may cause allergy symptoms such as itching, watery eyes, runny nose, trouble breathing, etc.


Beyond all doubts, BioSchwartz Advance Strength Probiotics 40 Billion CFU is the best choice for those who are looking for probiotic supplements to try. Besides all the health and commercial benefits, this brilliant supplement is quite affordable to all the mediocre as well.

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