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Christmas is around the corner; the shopping malls are decorated and children are excited, but for adults, it is the toughest time of the year as they have to endure the burden of heavy Christmas shopping expenses. The Christmas season, which is usually around December and January, is extremely beneficial for the retailers, as they tend to earn huge during these months. According to National Retail Federation survey, an average American spends more than $800 on Christmas gifts. Luckily, we have some clever tips which will help you save money on your Christmas shopping.

1. Planning

The first thing you should do is to get a pen and paper to make a budget of your spending on the holiday season. This may sound like a novice tip; however, it is definitely the most helpful one. Typically, when you shop without a set budget in mind, you tend to overspend and regret it at the end of the day. It is always better to set a limit; for example, not to spend more than $500 or $600 and then take a fixed amount to shop so that you don’t get temped and end up spending thousands of dollars.

2. Cash Back Reward with Cards

Almost everyone has a credit card these days and it is more frequently used than cash for shopping. If you are one of those who make use of the credit cards more than the cash, why not go for those cards that offer you cashback? Cards like blue cash preferred card from American Express offer up to 3 percent cash back when shopping from certain departmental stores, 6 percent cash back from supermarkets etc. Discover It and US Bank Cash+ also give around 5 percent back from Amazon department stores. However, make sure you check the bank’s terms and conditions before choosing their card.

3. Buy Early

Do not wait for December to start shopping for the Christmas. Be wise and plan your shopping early to get your hands on the perfect gifts. Most big stores extend summer clearance sale which we tend to ignore, but it surely is the best time to buy loads of clothes or gifts in that sale. Shopping early will also allow you to spend holidays with your family rather than wasting your time at the shopping malls.

4. Shop Online

Shopping online is not just easy and convenient, it is cost effective too. First of all, you would save precious money on gas and parking charges for every trip to the shopping mall. Secondly, a lot of online stores have better shopping deals and give discounts to first time buyers. Subscribe to the online shopping stores newsletter and you are sure to receive a number of coupons offering you great discounts around the holiday season. In addition, these online stores also present free trial offers which can be easily completed and in return you get loyalty or rewards points to be redeemed whenever you want.

5. Discount Codes

Before hitting your favorite store, head over to and you would find a number of discounted store deals to help you save a good amount on all sorts of products ranging from clothing, electronics and even domains.

6. Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday sale is perhaps the biggest sale in the whole world. It takes place every year right after the Thanks Giving. According to, last year around $50,900,000,000 were spent during the Black Friday sale. Almost every store offers a huge amount of discount (even more than 70%) during the sale, but the products do not last too long. The best time to visit your favorite store would be the morning when it opens so to get your hands on the products before anyone else does. Websites like Black display ads from various stores and other healthy information, so better check it out before your shopping spree.

7. Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday can be referred as the Black Friday sale in the online world. It is the biggest online shopping festival with retailers offering loads of discounts. Although sites like has discounts available throughout the year, but on the sales day you find special deals on every store. Just like any other sale, the products at Cyber Monday sale run out very fast, so subscribe to their mailing list to get exclusive updates.

8. Last Minute Shopping

This technique may be risky but it does work in some cases. Just a few hours before Christmas, you may find some of the stores offering freebies if their products didn’t sell out. For example, keeping Christmas trees for a whole another year won’t be beneficial for a retailer; hence they would give it to you at a huge discount or may even be free if you are lucky.

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