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Treat spot allows you to grab coupons, discounts, and even free products. Please scroll down to discover the best deals. Grab them while they are available.

1-Sleep Well Tea:

Click “Apply To Try” and enjoy 20% off on Tipson’s Sleep Well Tea.

2-Snack Packs:

You can get a 15% off on Ellas Flat’s Snack Packs by clicking on “Apply To Try.”

3-Carefree Chocolate

Enjoy 25% off on Funcho’s Carefree Chocolate. Press “Apply to Try” to grab this deal.

4-Goodie Box

Want a Goodie box? Click on the “Yes Please” button, and you will receive a package of free samples and products.

5-Hand Balm

Keep your hands soft and smooth by grabbing this deal—20% off on Flexitol’s Hand Balm.

6-Moringa energy tea, grape vanilla

You can get 25% off Miracle Tree’s Moringa energy tea in grape vanilla flavour.

7-Hybrid Smartwatch

Grab a free Hybrid Smartwatch with amazing features by pressing the “yes, please” button.

8-Hubs Power Packs

Enjoy a 15% discount on Hubbard Peanut Company’s Hubs power packs which are great for reducing weight.

9-Before You Drink Gummies

Click on the “apply to try” button and enjoy 10% off on Toast’s Before You Drink Gummies

10-Free $5 Amazon Gift Card – Netflix & Hulu Subscribers!

If you are a Netflix and Hulu subscriber, click the “yes, please” button. Fill out a survey to get a Free $5 Amazon Gift Card!

11-Maddy’s sweet shop lime-key snaps

Grab 25% off on Maddy’s sweet shop lime-key snaps.

12-Pillsbury Samples

Sign up at Pillsbury and get exclusive coupons along with access to free samples of their hottest recipes and more!

13-Bee bar lotion & lip butter set

Get a 20% off Honey House Natural’s Bee bar lotion & lip butter set.

14- Night syrup

Get a 15% discount on Sambrosa’s Night syrup and enjoy a good sleep.

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