Free Cell Phone

Free Cell Phone

Get a Free cell phone via the excellent Lifeline Government Benefit Program! It is a limited time offer for new customers, who will receive a free smartphone with unlimited texts, 850 FREE minutes for four months and 500MB of FREE data. No monthly bills, no contract and no credit check!

Lifeline is a federal government benefit program that provides free mobile phone service to income-eligible residents. To quality, income must be at a certain level, or the user must already participate in another state or federal assistance program such as SSI, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Section 8, or others. Up to 35% of Americans may be qualified!


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  1. Looking to get a free phone with minutes and testing

    1. I’m a single mother of 2 that is unable to work do to epilepsy and I need a good dependable phone incase anything wld happen my kids could use it. The phone I have now is beginning to mess up and freeze doesn’t want to charge long and the government phones that I have tried in the past r not made good enuf for me to use for calling, pics, and the storage that I have to have for a website that has to be on my phone per family court cause that’s the only way my ex husband can communicate to me due to his past violence so I’m in a tough spot. I have no income, getting no child support, and have to use my phone for everything and it is soon gonna be completely broke. If there is anyway of getting another phone that’s large enuf for all this plz lmk

  2. Need government phone got food stamps & I am the only one in my house that gets them

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