SafeLink Wireless Lifeline Program

SafeLink Wireless Lifeline Program

Get a Free Cell Phone, Free Texting & Free Minutes and stay connected with Family, Opportunity & Safety! SafeLink Wireless participates in the federal Lifeline Program, which is designed to help low-income consumers stay connected to employers, potential employers, family, and friends with a cell phone. Most people on government assistance (Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps) will qualify for a completely free phone with free minutes and free texting.

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  1. I need to open my account I don’t know how many minutes I have I have been having trouble with your company and the phone an can you please display on my phone as to how many minutes I have and the plan I have is unlimited texex please reply asap!

  2. I applied to SafeLink to switch from Assurance BecauseI can see with this tiny phone and they mislead me into buying a larger Virgin Mobile phone to switch then couldnt switch it. Why havent I heard back from SafeLink since I returned your 2nd letter to me assuring you my acctis the only one in my household. Did you receive it? You assured me it would be 10 days well it has been iver a month.

  3. I been trying to get the number to call so I can recitify

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