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How much do you pay monthly for your cell phone bill? $150? $160? If yes, then you are also one of those who are overpaying. Some of the famous carriers in America include AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, and they do offer very attractive plans. Nonetheless, you are sure to go over $100 per month even by choosing the most reasonably priced package. But not to worry, we have prepared here 6 ways, which will help you reduce your monthly cell phone bill bill by half so that you can spend the extra few bucks on more important things. What! Don’t have a cell phone? Fret not, win an iPhone 6 here.

1. Choose an Appropriate Plan

Check your previous bills to see if you have surpassed your monthly limit of talk time in the past. Examine everything from calls made to text messages and internet usage to find out whether you have been regularly exceeding your usage limit. If you are, then choosing a more expensive plan with more talk time is better than paying extra at the end of every month. Take a look at the table below to understand how much can you save on exceeding your monthly usage limit:

Plans Monthly Usage Limit




Overage Fee


Using 600 minutes in a month


Verizon Individual Plan Nationwide Talk450


450 Minutes $39.9/month $0.45 $67.5 + $39.9
Verizon Individual Plan Nationwide Talk900


900 Minutes $59.9/month $0.45 $59.9

Let’s say you chose the Verizon Nationwide Talk 450 plan and exceeded your limit of 450 minutes by an extra 150 minutes. The monthly bill would accumulate to around $107.4. On the other hand, if you would have opted for the Nationwide Talk 900 plan and used 600 minutes your monthly bill would have been only $59.9. It implies if you are one of those who talk regularly on the phone, it’s better to choose a plan that offers more minutes monthly rather than which costs less per month.

2. Cut Down Additional Services

Take a look at your previous bills to know if you have been paying for extra services such as navigator, parental control, or mobile insurance. Personally, I believe these services are of no good use and on top of that they cost a lot. For instance, check below the prices of some of additional services offered by AT&T:

AT&T Family Maps $9.99/month
Mobile Insurance $6.99/month
Navigator $9.99/month
Enhanced voice mail $1.99/month
Mobile TV $9.99/month

Maps, navigator, mobile TV are all accessible through internet now, then why pay extra for services like these? Unsubscribe from these features and you can easily save around $20 to $30 per month.

3. Go Unlimited With Text Messaging

Just like phone calls, a lot of people including me, exceed their monthly text messages allotment. For example, the cheapest text messaging bundle by Verizon is $5/month which is very reasonable, but you get only 250 text messages. On the other hand, another bundle, which costs $20/month, offers 5,000 texts and unlimited Verizon to Verizon texting. Moreover, text messaging packages are cheaper compared to voice plans.

4. Don’t Use Mobile Data

Are you one of those who regularly check their Facebook on their smartphone to get new updates? You know, data charges apply each time you access internet on your mobile phone. Every carrier offers internet data plans which start from as low as $15 to $20 per month, but why use one when you can access the internet through WiFi. Using Wi-Fi to access web on smartphones can actually help you save more than $20 per month. At a workplace or any restaurant, you usually find an open WiFi hotspot which can be used by general public, so we would definitely recommend using WiFi wherever possible.

5. Shrink Data Usage

Heard about an app called Onavo Extend? This amazing application can compress the data usage of every website you access on your phone, thereby reducing your overall monthly bill. Onavo runs on the background, and when you access any webpage, it is first routed to the company’s server where all the extra stuff is cropped and then opened at your phone. You can surely save around $15 or more monthly by using Onavo.

6. Use More Web Based Apps

If you are using your carrier’s data plan then why not put it to good use? For making calls, switch from regular calling to VoIP, as it is guaranteed to save you a lot. Application such as Skype, Google Voice and Viber give you the freedom of making unlimited calls to your contacts which is a great alternative to regular voice plans. The voice quality on VoIP may not be that impressive; nevertheless, you could be saving more than $40 per month, which is amazing. Even texting is now free through apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Nimbuzz, so ditch your standard texting bundles and make use of your data plan to the fullest. Moreover, you can save even more by using these applications on WiFi rather than on mobile data.

There you have it folks! Our top tips reducing your monthly cell phone bill. Stay tuned for more tips on saving money.

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