How to Stop Spending Money on Food

Eat less, spend less, save more, and reuse, this has almost become the slogan by which people have started living in an age where inflation is ever on the rise and the economy is in shambles. One might think that they have no space, financially or mentally, for extra stuff. But, why should one compromise their self?

To live and be healthy, one has to spend money. However, we have to be smart about it. Instead of overspending on food and wasting all your income on food and takeout, you have to learn how to spend with purpose.

So, if you’ve been struggling with overspending on junk food and witnessed your health deteriorating because of it, this article is for you. For all those who want to know how to stop spending money and live a healthier life, here are ten useful things you must know.

But First, What Causes Overspending?

During the COVID pandemic, people had to stay indoors all the time. SOP restrictions stopped us and many other people from going to markets and public places. People used the money to feel secure. They didn’t know how to stop spending money online.

They forgot how to stop spending on unnecessary things. Instead of buying cheaper and healthier groceries, they ate whatever they liked, and bought whatever appealed to the eyes. As a consequence, many changes happened to them.

For instance, people started gaining weight by constantly ordering food online which wasted money and ruined their health. Therefore, in the post-pandemic age, people now are plagued with an old yet constant affliction. That is overspending. Granted, buying things like food does make one feel cheerful but it is not the solution.

Researchers have linked mental health with how one manages their finances. They state that if you feel low and do not have the motivation to go on with things, you might spend more than usual to counter that feeling. An instant shot of dopamine always works right? But this effect is only temporary.

Rather, worrying about money leads to anxiety, panic, and sleep problems. This further leads to expenditure on health and unnecessary dependence on material objects. One of these objects is foodstuff. Making it into a guilty pleasure indulgence is one of the leading causes why people gain undesirable weight.

Health is where one should start their money-saving journey. A research study by the Department of Behavioral Sciences states that happiness is linked to lifestyle choices such as diet preferences and physical activities.

All of this might seem complicated. But, in actuality, it is not. And we have made it even easier for you by listing these eleven strategies. Follow them step by step and you will already be halfway to your goal. Let’s begin!

How to Financially Sustain Your Health Journey?

1. Find Your Why and How in Regards to Spending

Before you do anything, you need to be clear about your whys & whats. What is your motivation to save money? What are your financial goals? Why do you want to save money? Why challenge yourself like this?  What’s motivating you to take on that money saving challenge?

Ever heard of mind mapping? The activity in which you map out all the related things to a specific subject. People often use it to get clarity about their respective concerns. Make a map in your mind. Branch out your intent, your motivation, and your goal. Make a mental roadmap of them. Circle the reason why you want to stop wasting your money and how you can go about it. Once you have a clear road to walk on, the following steps will come naturally.

2. Create a Budget

Take a moment to sit down and organize your finances. Implement the 50-30-20 technique. Divide your income into 50% for needs like utilities and bills. 30% for wants and 20% for savings.

Create a budget using budgeting apps and track your expenses, like how much you should spend on food and how often you can indulge in it. Mark the indulgence part as red and the healthy food part as green. Try to increase that 20% to 30% and more. If successful, believe me, you can do anything.

How to Save Money and Stop Spending

3. Master How to Stop Wasting Money on Clothes

Search through your wardrobes. Organize the things that you can still use. Categorize them. Label your clothes as “can be used” and “will wear after slimming down” for those from which you have sized out. Don’t throw them away. Instead, use them as your motivation.

4. How to Reduce Food Cost: Ditch the three S’s

Ditch the three S’s. Don’t spend money on supplements, throw away your snacks, and lock your doors to stress. Taking supplements doesn’t directly cause weight gain but using them as an alternative to healthy and actual food is a big no-no.

It could be these practices that are responsible for weight gain, not the supplements. Be rid of snacks and stress, and you’ll automatically be saving money and slimming down.

5. Am I Spending Too Much on Food?

Buy less expensive options. Many supermarkets advertise that they have more health-inducing organic groceries. Organic edibles are expensive. Buy from the local markets or the cheapest grocery store around you. Don’t worry, they’re not any less nutritious! Smart moms know these useful money-saving hacks!

There are also many internet schemes and fad diets that trap you in by their catchy promises but then ask you to pay for the full plans. However, there is no shortcut to losing weight naturally, not even with money. It’s a process of consistency and patience. Make your diet plans about what you like to eat and add them to your chart if they’re healthy options.

How to Stop Spending Money on Food

6. How to Stop Eating Out So Much and Save Money

Eat less? Nah. Eat more but eat in good health and eat nutritiously. Eat what you make yourself. Home-cooked food is healthy, without any cost, and won’t make you fat. Make food in bulk so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of making it thrice a day. Don’t waste food. Save the leftovers and make something new but equally healthy out of it. We can’t forget to impress our angels, can we?

7. Spend Less on Cravings

Look out for these things if you have cravings. Medical specialists say that cravings can be a type of signal that something is out of balance. Buy these cheaper but healthy alternatives that additionally help in weight loss.

  • If you’re craving chocolate, you might be having a magnesium deficiency. Almonds and cashews are good sources of magnesium and they’re cheaper than chocolate bars.
  • If you’re craving something salty, you might be deficient in water. Simply increase your liquid intake.
  • If you’re craving carbohydrates like pasta, bread, or biscuits, then ask yourself whether you had your fill of sleep or not. The hormones that feel satisfied after having carbs are usually those that can be satisfied by a full night of refreshing sleep. Therefore, no need to spend on carbs.
  • Instead of red meat, partake in foods less expensive but equally or more filled with iron and zinc.

8. Spend Less on Drinks

Take shots of water! There are many healthy and less expensive alternatives to market drinks. Lemonade, cinnamon water, and cucumber water with mint are all drinks that are not only economical but also scrape away that excess fat.

9. How to Stop Spending Money on Losing Weight

You are always in a state of passive exercise. Yes, you heard that right. Just going to your schools and offices and working around your home is a source of passive exercise. No need for the huffing and puffing, just move more even in your house. Put those stairs to use and imagine the road to the grocery store as your treadmill.

10. Be Mindful of Your Spending Habits

One of the most important steps in your journey to transform into a slim and prudent person is to be mindful. Be mindful of your eating habits, of your exercises, and especially of your spending habits. More and faster is not good. Balanced is the way to go. Second, be grateful for all that you can do. Doing so will make you appreciate yourself and your life more fully. Be happy, be healthy, and be hopeful!

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, saving money and achieving fitness goals is not easy. Everybody wants to be able to eat however they want and spend on whatever they like. But more than that, it is important to master the art of how to stop spending money on useless stuff and improve your financial wellness. Life is more than just indulgence. Beyond that is happiness and a brand-new outlook on life. So why not try?

About the Author: Aatika Qasim

She is a dedicated female entrepreneur and digital enthusiast who's committed to making her name in the world of Women Entrepreneurship. She's devoted to help people improve their personal finances by saving money on health, fitness, travel, and wellness as well as find practical and efficient ways to make money online.
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