Montclair New Jersey

Taking time out for travel doesn’t have to break the bank. Montclair, New Jersey, makes the perfect destination for an affordable getaway.

Tips to Plan an Affordable Trip to Montclair

Keep the following tips in mind to enjoy a Montclair, New Jersey vacation on a budget.

Pay Attention to Packing

Packing carefully can be a real money saver. Resist the urge to pack anything you don’t need. The extra weight can result in hefty, additional baggage fees at the airport and increase gas consumption for road trippers.

By the same token, don’t leave anything behind that you might need. Check the weather forecast before you leave home and pack an umbrella, coat, or scarf if the forecast suggests you’ll need them. This will save you from buying these items in Montclair after you arrive.

Stay in a Central Hotel

Montclair is a sprawling city, so travel costs to attractions can add up. Local parking stations typically charge around $5, plus you’ll need to pay for gas. Public transport on buses and New Jersey Transit trains can be even more expensive for families. You can forget about transport fees if you stay in pedestrian-friendly central Montclair. Consider the attractions you want to see, then choose one of the Montclair hotels near these sites.

Travel out of Season

You’ll pay less for your Montclair hotel if you forget about summer vacation and travel outside the peak season instead. Accommodation prices fall once the summer tourists return home, and they remain low until the busy, festive holiday period causes another upsurge. If you can brave the winter chill, you’ll find some of Montclair’s lowest hotel rates in the New Year.

During this period, local restaurants and attractions are also more likely to advertise on group buying websites. Subscribe to their mailing lists and keep your eye out for some great bargains.

Visit Free Attractions

While many local attractions have an admission fee, some of them don’t charge at all, such as the historic Van Vleck House and Gardens, Edgemont Memorial Park, and Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, the world’s largest non-profit garden dedicated to the beautiful purple flowers.

While some attractions have free admission during certain hours, like the Montclair Art Gallery which waives its fee from 5 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month, other Montclair attractions are always free for a certain number of visitors. For example, with an America the Beautiful pass from the National Parks Service, you and three guests won’t pay anything to see the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, including its laboratory complex at Glenmont.

Choose Tasty Eats

As a college town, Montclair has plenty of excellent budget-friendly eateries. While they cater to students, anyone who appreciates simple yet tasty food will enjoy these affordable restaurants. Montclair restaurants specializing in exotic cuisines, like Falafel Hut, Beyond Pita, and Mezoco Mexican Taqueria, always have low prices. If you’re in the mood for American food, there are some budget-friendly options like Ruthie’s Bar-B-Que & Pizza, Tierney’s Tavern, and Watchung Deli.

Enjoying a budget-friendly vacation in Montclair doesn’t mean you have to compromise your budget. Do your research, and you can have a great time in this New Jersey city without spending a lot of money.

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